Tomorrow's Talent - A growth mindset as a foundation for developing talent

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Tomorrow’s Talent is the English version of the successful Dutch book 'Talent van Morgen'. Which has become a standard work for trainers and coaches. It is also used as professional literature at the ALO in Amsterdam for the Learning Psychology course.

As a coach, you help athletes develop their skills. Athletes with a growth mindset –a firm belief in the possibility of developing their talent – improve much faster than athletes with a fixed mindset – a strong belief that talent is mainly a given. Much research shows that athletes with a growth mindset learn more from their mistakes, are more open to criticism and take more responsibility for their own learning process.

The good news is that a growth mindset can be actively encouraged. As a coach, you play a decisive role in that process by using the right words and by creating the right environment. In Tomorrow’s talent, you will learn how to recognise the main symptoms of each mindset. And, more importantly, it is explained how to create an environment in which a growth mindset is encouraged every single day by applying twelve easy-to-use teaching principles.

Authors: Bart Heuvingh & Marco van der Heide

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